USB Powered Computer Speakers – Pioneer’s New Laptop Computer Speakers Pack

With more laptop users’ demanding better portable sound quality, the portable speaker market has been on the rise in the past year.

Pioneer is jumping into this market by the release of their S-MM251 coming to stores this month for an RRP of $79.95.

Pioneer’s New Laptop Computer Speakers Pack More Sound in Compact Form

“Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. continues to expand its line of USB-powered computer speakers with the introduction of the S-MM251. The new model offers a built-in audio DAC and a cool bass-reflex enclosure designed to enhance lower bass frequencies. The S-MM251 is designed to connect quickly to virtually any laptop computer, delivering significantly increased audio output and better sound quality.”

The Pioneer S-MM251 will certainly compete with product such as the NuForce cube released just last month and have received great market reception.

The Nuforce Cube may well have a better sound quality output compared to the S-MM251 but there’s also the price point to consider. The NuForce is retailing at $119 compared to the RRP of $79.95 for the Pioneer S-MM251. Apart from the price point differences, the NuForce can be battery powered and is a single cube design compared to a stereo – “two speakers” design of the Pioneer S-MM251. Both featured a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), which allows high fidelity audio reproduction.

These speakers are great for travel, especially to listen to music or watch movies in your hotel room from your laptop or iPad during travel. For iPad or tablet users the NuForce cube may well be a better option because you can charge the battery using a USB charger whereas the Pioneer S-MM251 seems to be solely based on USB power.

The Pioneer S-MM251 will be available from this month (July 2012), so we’ll post more info as the product becomes available to the general public.

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