Power surge protectors for all your electrical components. Inluding computer surge, protector products and more online.

Once you have put together your computer or home entertainment system one piece of equipment you’ll need is surge protector. Their first function is to allow you to plug a number of components into one power outlet. The other function of power surge protectors is to protect the electronics in your home from power spikes and surges. If a surge or spike is high enough, it can cause some heavy damage on a machine. Even if there is no immediate damage evident there is extra strain put on the components, which will wear them down over time.

Learn more about computer surge protectors and why you should purchase one. We never had power surge protectors before, why you might ask do we need them now? We need surge protectors now more than ever because a lot of the components in sophisticated modern electronic devices, such as computers, microwaves, DVD players are much smaller and more delicate than components in older machines, and are therefore more sensitive to current increases. It is one thing to have a power surge and burn out a light bulb it is a much great tragedy to burn out your computer. Top quality computer surge protectors will prevent this loss.

How do you know what you are getting when you go to purchase a power surge protector? Researching a particular model is the best way to ensure good results. You will get only basic protection from the basic desktop power strip with 5 or 6 outlets. With better power surge protectors running from $15 to $25 you will get a surge protector with a better rating and many extra features like an indicator light and individual switches for each outlet. A surge station will fit under your computer or on the floor. Theses computer surge protectors offer superior voltage protection and advanced line conditioning. They may have a plug in for your phone line to protect your cable modem from power surges, and may feature built-in circuit breakers. You may pay as little as $30 or more than $100. For $150 or more you can purchase an uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) It stores power in a battery giving you time to save your work and shut down your computer.

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