Overhead DVD player – do you really need one

Having an in car entertainment system is what In Car Audio Video stands for… but there is such thing as infotainment overkill.

A lot of people wanted the overhead DVD player because it is often used as a stand alone unit, and its great for the long road trip, especially if you have a people mover (vans or SUV).

However, most people purchased the overhead DVD player not being prepared for the amount of work involved in installing it, or not knowing the layout of the car’s ceiling and ended up having to return the product.

For the most of us bigger is better, but for an overhead DVD player, bigger… could mean that you have to return the product or buy a totally different type of DVD player for the car.

For a regular SUV, we believe that a 10″ overhead DVD player is the largest you should purchase, before you run into the trouble of insufficient ceiling space.

Also keep an eye out for grooves or other patterns on your car’s ceiling that might prevent you from installing an overhead DVD player.

But, I think if you can help it, you might want to think of alternatives to the overhead DVD player, because unless you buy a good quality overhead DVD player from Clarion or Audiovox, you’re more than likely to brake it in about 12 month – right after the warranty expire.

I think a good alternative is to use the Audiovox D7121ESK Dual Screen Portable DVD Player this way you have a simple installation procedure and you don’t need to pay $$$ for a car audio installer to have the wiring done.

Additionally, you will only pay about $130 plus shipping compared to the $200 plus, for the overhead DVD player.

Granted, you might have to install a few of these in your SUV if you want the group of 5-6 people all enjoying the same movie, but even with two set installed, you will save money from the purchase cost as well as the installation cost.

Finally, if you don’t have a big family to cater for, then you might even think about purchasing an iPAD or Tablet mount for your rear seat.

Chances are that you already have one or two tablets in the family that your kids already using, so all you have to do is purchase a tablet mount for your rear seat, and get a wireless bluetooth headset – then you’re good to go!

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